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    I also have this:

    By now, you should have read Ch. 4 and Ch. 6. Given all of the information from these sources, make an argument for why and how Jackson State University may need to consider changing its curriculum (specifically the general education curriculum -- the courses that all students are required to take) to better prepare students for the 21st century workplace. As you are building your argument, be certain to consider what the purpose of a college education is. This should be part of your argument.

    In building your argument, you need to give specific reasons for your position and you also must link your reasons to specific reading materials. Everyone must give at least one reason from Chapter 4 as well as a second reason from Chapter 6.  

    This is like a discussion post so I don’t need a paper, more so like a paragraph. Following these steps

    chapter 4 and 6 are attached.


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    short paragraph
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