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    make it APA style..

    It should be at least 5 pages

    I need help in my writing class and I hope you're available to help me My research Topic is Neutral Language Processing for Social media and it's 5 minimum pages. The paper should discuss the Current State of NLP and successful examples.

    it should be authorized resources

    And can know make it APA style? It should be at least 5 pages without the citations

    I use google scholar and my university’s online libraries.

    Let me copy the two questions for you first

    Natural Language Processing- Outline

    Thesis Statement: Through enhanced machine translation, text categorization, and information extraction among other applications, NLP has enhanced natural language use in machine systems and many organizations have benefited from the same.

    I.                   Introduction

    II.                 Background

    III.               Applications

    A.     Translation

    B.     Text categorization

    C.     Information extraction

    IV.             Company examples

    V.                 Conclusion


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