Physical Therapy and Community Health Education

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    Title : Physical Therapy and Community Health Education

    Or The Role of The Physical Therapy Professional As a Community Health Educator

    Need a good title & article related to physical therapy and community health education.

    Try to include everything..... what? When? How? Examples? Different models, type of Communities, effectiveness and benefits etc

    1000 words

    The Role of Physical Therapy in improving the Lives of the Elderly and Reducing Injury - Outline

    Thesis statement: According to studies, physical therapy is important in rehabilitating injured people and enabling them to recover their ability to perform motor skills and therefore reduce chances of falls and avoidable injuries.

    1. Introduction
    2. Physical therapy in reducing falls
    3. Reducing pain
    4. Building muscle strength and Reducing rate of frailty
    5. Enhancing recovery
    6. Conclusion


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    Physical Therapy and Community Health Education
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