The title is Tidal Power Generation

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    Proposal presentation slots are 1 hour each and will be given two weeks before. Each presenter should take only 10 minutes or less, then there will be a 10-minute Q&A.
    Please submit the project proposal in an MS Word or PDF format file. The proposed topic can be anything that is related to the energy systems and industry, but should be different from what's being discussed in the class in terms of depth and/or breath. You should not propose a topic exactly the same as any of the lectures.

    1. The proposal should be 5-6 pages long (including the cover page);

    2. The 1st page (cover page) should include project title, lead author of the proposal, and team members, contact information (email, department/major) and date of submission.

    3. The 2nd page should include a 300 - 400 words executive summary covering the key points of the proposal.

    4. The following 3 to 4 pages should include the motivation (i.e., the importance of the topic in the energy industry; how the proposed work would differ and complement the past lectures; and how your classmates would be benefit from the proposed project), scope of work, proposed schedule in elapsed time, estimated workload of each team member, and potential risk.

    5. Please use font size 11, Times New Roman, 1.1 line spacing, 6pt spacing before and after a paragraph.

    6. Presentation slide deck.


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    The title is Tidal Power Generation
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