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    I have to two things I need done.....

    Compose a one paged proposal related to some issue that is related to a company and in the world of business. Some examples or possibilities could be but not limited to such topics as follows:

    expanding the company clientele base, changing the products or services that the company provides to customers, winning a contract with a government agency or foreign government, convincing company heads to sue on your company’s behalf, etc. You can be creative in choosing a proposal topic (not necessarily listed here).  You are encouraged to choose a topic that you find interesting.

    2. Be sure to look for examples of proposals

    3. Make sure that your name is on the document that you submit.

    4. Also, make the proposal topic seem as much a part of the real world as possible.

    The second thing, I wrote a paper (of 4 pages) that I need edited to look like the sample I will send you.


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    two things i need
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