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    1.What is the main idea of the complete reading passage?

     Teamwork and competition are difficult to balance in most fields and for most individuals.

    Business and medical professionals prefer competition to teamwork.

    Medical researchers, business people, universities, and twins should use M-forms.

    Finding the right balance of teamwork and competition can lead to a higher level of success.

      2.What is the main idea of Paragraph A? 

    Teamwork and competition improve classroom learning.Teamwork and competition among scientists yields good results.Teamwork and competition are important in a variety of situations.Businesses can use teamwork and competition to become more successful.  

    3.Paragraph B is mainly about _____.

     how the divisions in M-Form companies compete with each other

    who studies the nature of business organizations

    what M-Form companies are

    who makes important decisions  

    4.What is the main idea of Paragraph C?

    Universities and laboratories often compete with each other.

    Researchers can learn a lot from each other's discoveries.

    Researchers sometimes have a hard time balancing teamwork and competition.

    Commercial laboratories sometimes don't want to share their discoveries.

      5.What is the main idea of Paragraph D? 

    Twins are compared mainly in their academic and athletic skills.

    Both individuals of twins often benefit from competition.

    Twins often compete against their peers.The family members and friends of twins compete against twins.

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