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    Hi ,

     I need help with a few responses. I attached the questions and some responses from other members. I must answer the question and respond to 2 members on each question, there are 2 questions.

    The numbers are the initial questions that must be answered. Each question does not have to be answered but the overall response can be generalized to all of the questions. For instance, each numbered question may have a few questions within it, like number 1. I have already answered question # 1, but you can view the video to get a feel of what the question and responses are about.

    The letters (a & b) are responses from other members that I must respond to.
    Initial responses has to be at least 60 words and the (a & b) responses can be 40 words

    I need:
    2 responses from either 1-a, 1-b or 1-c
    Initial answer to question 2
    2 responses from 2-a, 2-b or 2-c

    See attached file. i need this as soon as possible . Thanks.


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    few responses
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