annotated bibliography ( 6 sources)

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    Length can be anywhere from 100 or more words for each source

    My topic is ocean pollution.

    Other Details below.

    This 'final project will be an annotated bibliography. Throughout this summer we have researched and evaluated sources on a topic of your choice. This final project is where we will take all the steps of the research process and put them together.
    Take the resources that we have found this semester and create an annotated bibliography of sources on your topic.
    Annotated Bibliography must include
    1. Topic and Main Research Question

    2. Sources (relevant to topic)

    3. Sources must be correctly cited in APA or MLA format (your choice)

    4. Annotations must include evaluation of source and author (if available) and relevance for topic

    5. Spelling and Grammar count

    FINAL PROJECT worth 100 Points


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    annotated bibliography ( 6 sources)
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