The Black Lives Matter Movement

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    (We'll discuss these questions in class.)
    You must use at least two sources, and the paper needs to be at least two pages in length and no more than four pages (double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 font).
    - Think of the claims your movement has made. What does your movement want to do about these claims? For example, does your movement seek to change policy? Does it simply seek to garner awareness of your movement's claims?
    - What are the necessary changes that should occur in order for you to consider your movement successful? In other words, based on your claims what are the goals of your movement? That is, if you want to change policy, how would you do this? For example, is there existing policy? If so, do you want to change the policy? Do you want to abolish the policy altogether? Or, if there is no policy, would you like to create it? Likewise, if you're trying to create awareness, how would you do this?
    - Politically-speaking, does your movement resonate with people whose political views are more liberal or more conservative? Explain your answer.


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    The Black Lives Matter Movement
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