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    Please address the following in a 1-2 page, typed product
    • Correct APA citation of the article
    • State the problem statement for each study
    • What are some assumptions?
    • Review of Literature
    o Adequate and timely?
    o Relationship to the problem clear and logical?
    • What is the population being studied?
    o What is the sample being used for these studies?
    • Describe the data gathering procedures
    o What did the researchers do in each study?
    o Is this the best way? What alternatives could have been utilized?
    • Research Design
    o What approach(es) did the researchers apply to these studies?
    o Is this appropriate for this type of research? Why/Why not?
    o Any other thoughts or conclusions drawn from their approach?
    • Results & Conclusions
    o Are results presented clearly?
    o Are the conclusions stated clearly?
    o Are the conclusions supported by the results and overall study?
    • Final thoughts
    o What is your overall review of this study?
    o Any other feedback, thoughts, or conclusions based on what we’ve learned so far


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    Educational psychology
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