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    I needed a summary and critique of an economic article 5 pages double spaced

    i will send you more details

    The rubric is as follows:
    Your essays should begin with a brief introductory paragraph that previews the argument you are
    going to be making. Then, you should briefly summarize the article you are discussing, in no
    more than a few paragraphs. Don’t review everything in the article, just the important parts.
    The bulk of the essay should be devoted to your critique. Here, are you are going to take a stand
    on whether or not the paper was successful. You must offer your opinion and supporting
    evidence from the text. Here are a few questions to keep in mind when formulating your
    - Is the paper internally coherent? In other words, does its logic flow within its own
    framework and set of assumptions?
    - Is the economic model the author uses appropriate?
    - Does the author offer compelling evidence in support of the paper’s argument?
    - Does the author interpret his or her results correctly? Are there other plausible
    interpretations that the author has overlooked?
    - Can you think of additional ways to approach the key question or problem in the paper?


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    Article critique and summary
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