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    The title of this piece of work is Research Methodology. In this brief piece of work, you will consider the following:
    What is research? How does research contribute to my practice area and the ethical issues that might be involved? Define and provide referenced understandings of the paradigms of qualitative and quantitative research, and an explanation of the ideas and concepts that are involved. The strengths and weaknesses of different research methods within the qualitative and quantitative paradigms.For the formative assessment you will write 1000 words under the title "Research Methodology". You will provide a referenced definition of what is research, .consider how research relates to your area of practice and define and consider ethical issues pertinent to your particular specialist practice. You will discuss an understanding of qualitative and quantitative research and the ideas associated with these approaches. Your discussion will be supported by references which will be formatted consistent with the Harvard style of referencing. The formative assignment has been designed to have relevance to the module outcomes (see below). It is intended that much of what you write can be used in the final assignment, or at the very least that your thinking has begun to be informed by a research aware approach whereby you can process research and interpret this information, and then apply it to practice.
    Learning outcome 1: Critically analysing different research methods that are used within the health and social care environment.
    Learning outcome 2: Explain and discuss different data collection methods, and the appropriate data analysis approaches commonly used within health and social care settings.
    Learning outcome 3: Discuss and examine different approaches to research and consider their strengths and weaknesses, and reflect upon how various conceptual backgrounds influence the choice of specific research methodologies.
    Learning outcome 4: Evaluate the importance of ethical dimensions in the research process within health and social care environments.
    Strictly no plagiarism. Please provide the reference within 5 years (2013-2018). Reference is not included in the word count (eg: the correct use of referencing, citations, footnotes etc.). Please provide depth study all through out research methodology towards health care professionals- nurses.


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