i have one statistics problem please solve it

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    The authors of the article "Accommodating Persons with AIDS: Acceptance and Rejection in Rental Situations" (Journal of Social Psychology [ 1999]: 261-270) stated that, even though landlords participating in a telephone survey indicated that they would generally be willing to rent to persons with AIDS. they wondered whether this was true in practice. To investigate. the researches independently selected two random samples of 80 advertisements for rooms for rent from newspapers advertisements in three large cities. An adult male caller responded to each ad in the first sample of 80 and inquired about the availability of the room and was told that the room was still available in 61 of these calls The same caller also responded to each ad in the second sample. In these calls, the caller indicated that he was currently receiving some treatment for AIDS and was about to be released from the hospital and would require a place to live. The caller was told that a room was available in 32 of these calls. Based on this information, the authors concluded that "reference to AIDS substantially decreased the likelihood of a room being described as available". Do the data support this conclusion? (Use  ฮฑ = 0.01)


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    i have one statistics problem please solve it
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