Formal Essay#1:Homestead 1892

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    Formal Essay#1:Homestead 1892

    For this paper,you will assume a role as a community leader in Homestead in 1892, Your task is to write a 3-4 page(Times New Roman,12pt.font,1” margins)documented essay advising the workers in your community either to strike or to keep working. This is a persuasive essay and you are attempting persuade workers to adopt a particular course of action.

    This essay is being written in the first person(I,we,us}

    Some factors to consider as you development your argument:

    What were the working and living conditions of the mass of unskilled workers in the town.

    How was the industry changing and how did these changes affect workers?

    What were the major issues at stake in the strike?

    Were the interests of Carnegie and his workers at necessarily at odds or did they have shared interests?

    How successful had similar strikes been? What role did the government at that time play in similar strikes?


    Draw on course readings and quality websites indentified by the previous we biography that was previously submitted for this course.


    Cite sources using the MLA format. Although I am the voice of a community leader still need to draw on primary and secondary sources.


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    Formal Essay#1:Homestead 1892
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