Design a low pass filter which consists of an amplifier

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    Design a low pass filter, which consists of an amplifier, input and output shunt capacitors (CA and Cb), a voltage source (Vs), a source resistor (rs), and a load resistor (RL). Choose the resistances for input and output resistors of the amplifier, and the source resistor by yourself. Suppose the two sub cutoff frequencies (fA and fB) are equal to each other (fA=fB). The upper cutoff frequency (fH) of the overall circuit is 5 KHz. The mid-band gain | VL / Vs | in terms of decibel is 100dB.

     a. Draw the circuit diagram, label input and output terminals, and show the component values of your design. 

    b. Draw the Bode diagrams of this amplifier circuit manually. 

    c. Use Matlab or PSPICE to draw Bode diagrams. Compare your simulation result with the result that you obtained in b. 

    Submit your design, carefully labeled, showing your circuit, component values, and supporting calculations. Include the Bode diagrams drawn by hand and computer. Please submit the hard copy of your project report in class on June 24, 2019. No late projects will be accepted. No email submissions will be allowed.


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    Design a low pass filter which consists of an amplifier
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