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    Due 07/19
    For this assignment, I want you to speak to the Andrew Demirjian exhibit “pause & rewind &
    connect & combine & sequence & delay & repeat” that is currently on display in the New Media
    Artspace in the Newman Library. “
    You will be expected to write a well-organized essay of at least 600 words about these pieces and
    how Demirjian is trying to say about the idea of UNION and the means he chooses to articulate
    these thoughts with varying media platform.
    Each of these pieces ask for some research to allow one into the contexts of the pieces with
    “Pan-Terrestial People’s Anthem” being one in its use of flags and “Amiri Baraka A-Z and Mary
    Oliver A-Z”.
    Make sure to include quotations from the primary sources of your research and apply the MLA rules
    for parenthetical documentation.
    Before you begin writing, make sure to brainstorm, organize your thoughts, and create a thesis
    statement. Remember to give your essay a title. Your essay should have a clear beginning
    (introduction with thesis statement), middle (body), and end (conclusion). You will be evaluated on
    the quality of organization, specificity of detail, intelligence of observations, and clarity of language
    (grammar and punctuation). Your essay should present critical insight into the reading/viewing, not
    just a summary. Remember to leave a margin, double space and proofread.


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