Volunteerism and Community Partnerships

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    Researching Community Partnerships

    Case Study Scenario:

    You have been hired by XYZ University as a consultant. They want you to evaluate an organization to see if a service learning opportunity would benefit future students and the community. Your initial recommendation is due in week 5 and will be based on the research you collect in your first four assignments.


    Last week you introduced your social issue and an organization where future students might perform service learning.
    Your task this week is to expand your research to community partnerships and volunteerism within the organization.
    XYZ University has required you to find at least three peer-reviewed articles in the EBSCO library to support your research this week. EBSCO Quick Guide.
    You will turn in a 2-3 pages paper following APA guidelines.


    Complete the following steps.

    Step 1: Introduction – Introduce the topic of service learning and community partnerships. What are the benefits for students and the community when partnering in service learning opportunities? Describe some challenges students might face as service-learners in the community. Introduce your organization as a potential community partner. Provide at least one citation from a peer-reviewed article to support your claims in this section. Citation tutorial

    Step 2: Community Partnerships – What other partnerships (companies, businesses, organizations, universities, etc.) does the organization have? What are the benefits of these partnerships? What are past partnerships that the organization no longer maintains? Why were these partnerships ended? What additional partnerships should the organization have and why? Provide at least one citation from a peer-reviewed article to support your claims in this section.

    Step 3: Volunteers – Discuss how the organization uses volunteers. What are the benefits to volunteers and the community when volunteers give their time to the organization? Describe the difference between volunteering and performing service learning at the organization. Describe the benefits of service learning for the student and community beyond the service performed at the organization. Provide at least one citation from a peer-reviewed article to support your claims in this section.

    Step 4: Conclusion - Provide a Summary the organization’s partnerships and how they use volunteers. Summarize the di

    The paper I wrote about in week 1 was just on racial Inequalities. And the organization I choose was the NAACP

    Volunteerism and Community Partnerships- Outline

    Thesis Statement: Community partnerships with NAACP which fights for racial equality will allow students to make an actual change in the community by advocating for the rights and helping people who may be disadvantaged due to their skin color and race.

    I.                   Introduction

    II.               Community partnerships

    III.             Volunteers

    IV.             Conclusion


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    Volunteerism and Community Partnerships
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