Music Program Notes - Petite Suite

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    I need a music program notes for a piano duet piece and need to have it in 16 hours.
    It is for all repertoire included in the approved project. As this item is required to be submitted on Turnitin, text-matching software will be used. Quoted sections of the program notes must be appropriately referenced. The program notes should be around 1000 words and in APA6.
    Will you be able to do this job?

    This is the example of a music program notes.(attached file)

    The piece need to be written is Claude Debussy Petite Suite (Piano Duet)

    There are 4 movements: En Bateau, Cortege, Menute, and Ballet in the Petite Suite. I need around 1000 words in total and referenced by APA6.

    I will need to submitted on turnitin so please make sure its plagiarism free contents. Thank you


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    Music Program Notes - Petite Suite
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