How Apps Aid in Language Development in Children

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    Research Paper Guidelines

    1. To give you experience in analyzing and synthesizing (i.e, do not write a series of abstracts) current evidence-based practice research in the area of child language impairments.
    2. To share your new knowledge with your classmates in a clinically applicable manner.
    4. To provide you with a format for future in-service training sessions.

    After your initial review of the literature and abstracting two journal articles, the results of which should be included in your research paper (NOT the entire abstract), begin researching your topic in depth using other professional and scientific journals, texts (but use carefully) and periodicals (at least 6 references but no more than 8). Your resources should be used generally as primary resources, i.e., you should not have a series of secondary citations from research in the sixties. Sources should be professionally based (i.e., not websites, parent associations, blogs) and should be dated during or AFTER 2008. You may use ONE resource which was published before 2008 but after 2000.

    Write a 6-7 content pages research paper and then add 1-2 pages for your references. DO NOT count the cover page as page 1.

    My topic is the use off apps in language therapy -- how apps aid in language development


    Clearly states the objective(s) of the paper. (The purpose of this paper)

    Introduction 1 2 3 4 Provides adequate review of background; adequately orients the reader to the topic, describes language and the aspects within (semantics, pragmatics, morphology,ect) (word finding, word order, sentence structure)

    Clearly summarizes information used to support the purpose. Content is presented in sufficient, but not excessive detail.

    Synthesis of research Results/conclusions are presented in sufficient, but not
    excessive detail; Research is synthesized, paper is not a series of

    Documentation - Sources cited, and use of sources was appropriate and

    Vocabulary usage - Professional, defined where necessary, avoided colloquialisms

    Interpretations - Appropriate conclusions are drawn from the data. Critical thinking and logical inferences are apparent and clearly stated.

    Organization of text - Logical progression follows from purpose statements.

    Appropriate to knowledge - Demonstrates thorough understanding of the literature
    graduate level reviewed.

    Appropriate to the - focuses on the use of apps to improve language and why apps
    assignment * should be used in therapy

    Total for CONTENT x 2 (Max = 80)

    Syllabus guidelines - margins, font style &size, reference list(6 current,not more
    than 8), stapled, page numbers

    Length of paper - Appropriate to assignment

    Style APA style

    Timeliness Paper was submitted on due date at the start of class.

    Readability - Sentence structure, paragraph structure, spelling, topic coherence
    logical for the reader, semantics, punctuation, agreement,

    that is the other rubric

    my topic is CHILDREN using apps (on tablets, iPads, mobile devices) in language therapy. In other words, how apps help children flourish and develop in their language skills such as word finding, sentence structure, communication, ect. AKA pragmatics, syntax, morphology, semantics, ( I have to ANALYZE and SYNTHESIZE this paper, not summarize.


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    How Apps Aid in Language Development in Children
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