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    Department of Kinesiology
    KINS 4300 - Measurement and Evaluation in Physical Education
    Instructor - Janice L. Herring
    Locate a research article, which is pertinent to your selected test administration topic of fitness,
    sport performance, or sport skill testing. The article must be an original research study from a peerreviewed
    research journal, print or electronic; not from a book or general Internet site. To abstract the
    study, use these guidelines to summarize the findings. You must use your own words, focusing primarily
    on the testing that was conducted, relative to your topic. Your abstract must include a title page and a
    reference page, using APA style (6th edition). A link to a Sample APA Paper, through the Purdue Online
    Writing Lab, can be found on the Library Class Page for KINS 4300 or directly through External Web
    Links on Bb for this course. You will need to conduct a search of library databases to find an appropriate
    article. If you are unfamiliar with library database search or APA style, the librarians can help, or ask me!
    You can also check out a copy of the APA style manual (6th edition) at the library circulation desk.
    Please label each section in accordance with APA style Level 1 headings, beginning with
    Purpose, as given below in boldface type and double-space your entire abstract and article citation.
    These section titles should be centered and in bold. Note that the Methods section has four parts. These
    are Level 2 headings. Using direct quotes requires the use of quotations and in-text citations to show page
    numbers. Likewise, paraphrased information should be credited appropriately using in-text citations. To
    ignore this is a form of plagiarism. My preference is that you keep direct quotes to a minimum, and
    instead paraphrase the information you’ve read. Address every section using complete sentences.
    You must bring a copy of your article or send a link via email for approval by the due date given
    in the syllabus. Then, a full-print copy of the approved article must be turned in with the abstract when
    you complete the assignment. You must highlight the information that was utilized from the article,
    corresponding to the in-text citation of information, all through your abstract.
    Abstracts will not be accepted early or late. The due date is listed in the syllabus. You must be in
    attendance and on time on the due date in order to turn in the assignment. This is a required
    assignment. Failure to complete this and the other two required assignments will result in you not
    being eligible to receive credit for the Test Administration Project (225 pts).
    Adhere to APA guidelines for margin settings, spacing, running head, font style, and page numbering
    • Use 1” margins on all four sides: top, bottom, left, and right
    • Double-space every line of the assignment. Change the default setting from “10” points after to “0”
    so that you don’t end up with extra space every time you hit “return”.
    • Use Times New Roman 12 point font throughout paper, including the header and page numbers
    • Start numbering with title page and finish with the reference page
    • Title Page - Include an APA style title page with the following three lines
    Title That Identifies your Topic (Title Case)
    Your name
    The name of your university, fully spelled out
    These three lines of type should be centered horizontally, as well as centered vertically in the top
    half of the page. That means that the middle of the three lines should be 2 ¾ inches down from the top of
    the page. Do not use your article title as the title of your paper. Create your own title, reflecting the
    content of the study and the topic, which you chose. Unlike a standard APA style paper, the title page will
    not include author notes. Additionally, there will not be an abstract at the beginning of your paper because
    the entire assignment is a detailed abstract of the study.
    • Running head:
    • The running head and page numbers should be at the 1” margins, from the top and sides.
    o If using the header/footer function, change the default setting within the header of ½” top margin
    to 1”, and then set your page setting top margin to 1.4”. This will double space your first line
    below the header, after title page 1.
    o If not using the header/footer function, then use 1” as your top margin setting.
    • The header is titled “Running head:”, followed by your PAPER TITLE, all in capital letters. This
    cannot exceed 50 characters, including spaces. It should be the same as your paper title, or be
    shortened, without changing the content significantly if your title is >50 characters. There should be no
    abbreviations (except acronyms used in the study, i.e. PACER) or punctuation marks in the header
    title. After the title page, continue the header title without the words, “Running head:”. Look for the
    formatting “different first page” to format the remaining pages with continuing page numbers.
    In accordance with APA style you should begin the second page of the assignment with the title of
    your paper, centered. Then continue with double spacing and sections of your paper formatted as follows:
    Briefly describe the purpose of the study in your own words. Begin this section with the words,
    “The purpose of this study was to…”.
    In this section there are Level 2 headings, which should be flush with the left margin, bolded, and title case. Then
    indent with regular paragraph margins, (1 tab), after the heading.
    Tell who the subjects or participants were (e.g. The subjects were 40 young adult females, age 20
    ± 1.45 years, with weight training experience.)
    What was measured? Discuss variables measured and explain testing procedures relative to your
    topic, using your own words. This is a key point of the assignment! If there were variables measured that
    weren’t salient to any interventions or treatments, nor your topic area, you can exclude them.
    Experimental Manipulation
    Discuss experimental manipulation. For instance, tell if subjects were given a particular
    supplement, or subjects performed exercise training three days per week for ten weeks, or trials were
    performed in randomized order. It may be that there were special conditions under which testing was
    conducted, familiarization provided, or assignment to particular groups, including controls. These should
    be discussed as part of the experimental manipulation.
    Statistical Analysis
    Tell about all of the different statistical analyses that were performed on the data. Oftentimes, the
    authors won’t include means and standard deviations in their explanation or lists of the statistics that were
    computed. However, as you look through the tables and descriptions in Results, Discussion, and Conclusion
    sections of the article, if you see that these were reported, then you should also include them in the
    explanation of which statistics were conducted.
    Report actual statistics such as means and standard deviations, percentages, medians, and modes.
    Identify any differences found through t-tests, ANOVA, or correlations, using numbers and explanations.
    Don’t just write that group one increased strength and group two increased endurance. Tell by how much;
    for example, group one increased strength by 27.00 ± 1.55 pounds or 15%, p ≤ 0.05.
    What did the study show? Note: Conclusions are based on results. In addition to discussing the
    authors’ conclusions, write about what you conclude about the study.
    Explain how this study relates to other things you have read about or discussed in this course or
    other college courses. Be specific about which courses and what was discussed.
    Practical Application
    Give at least one practical application of the information gleaned from this study. How can it be
    used in physical education, athletics, sports medicine, allied health, or health and wellness professions? Be
    realistic and specific! You only need to discuss application to one of these professional areas. Avoid broadsweeping
    Using APA style, start on a new page to cite the article that you have abstracted. This will be the
    only entry on the page. Do not use boldface type for the word, “References”. Follow the instructions for
    how to cite references using APA style. Use in-text citation throughout the paper to show where you got
    information from the article. It must have (authors, year, pages), following APA style.


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