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    1) please share and comment on modern politics and how they function today. Have politics changed over the years or not? If so, why? If not, is that good or not? Why?

    2) Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. DuBois offered differing philosophies, strategies, and tactics for African Americans following Reconstruction. In your opinion, which of these leaders gave the best advice for their times? Why do you feel this way?

    3) Historians have long debated whether Rockefeller, Carnegie, Morgan, et al., were ORGANIZATIONAL and INDUSTRIAL GENIUSES or ROBBER BARONS. What do you think? Relatively good men? Incredibly evil? A little of both, but more one way than the other? Would the United States have been better off without them? Why, or why not?

    4) Has there been much change in the large, U. S. urban areas since the turn-of-the-century? Or, is it all still very much the same? Why do you feel this way? If you find inadequacies in today's urban condition, what can the government do to improve the situation?

    5) Why do you think the National Government refused to be more proactive (involved) or protective (concerned) for the environment or workers' rights by the end of the 1800's?

    hello, i need you to answer 5 history questions and each questions need to be answered with at least 5 sentences or more per question.

    are you willing to do it? and also no plagiarism.


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    5 history questions
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