Assessment 2: Individual Assignment

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    Assessment 2: Individual Assignment
    Weight age 30% 

    Submission Deadline TBA Word Limit 1500
    Assignment Topic and Requirements
    The assignment requires academic references. Wikipedia is not an academic source and therefore should be used as a search aid only. Plagiarism from any source is not allowed and will result in a zero mark 

    A list of references (bibliography) must be included. The evaluation of the paper would be based on the comprehensiveness and organization of the paper. 

    Answer ALL questions
    Question I
    In order for a computer to operate on a network, there are a range of different components that are required. Explain the functions of each of the following components:
    a) Bridge 

    b) Router 

    c) DSL modem

     d) Switch 

    e) Network interface card B Hub
    Illustrate a network environment with the support of the above mentioned components. (15 Marks) .

    Question II
    Networking Cables are used to connect one network device to other or to connect two or more computers to share printer. scanner etc. Find out and explain about the cables types. size, speed and cost (15 Marks) 

    Other Guideline

    Check List for Essay
    * a Essay will be approximately words in length (maximum pages). Essay must be typewritten, using standard-sized paper, 12 point Times New Roman font or 11 point Arial font 1.5 spacing, with 1 inch border on all sides, with numbered pages (footers). 

    * a Essay must have a cover page (Assignment Cover Sheet - Lecturer's Comments Form).
    * a Essay must have a minimum of footnotes and/or references.
    * a Essay must have a finalised bibliography / references on a separate page (with all sources used from steps 1-5) in proper format / sources listed in alpha order by author's last name. 

    *a Essay Step 5 (final copy) will not be accepted without the process steps 1 -4.
    * a In the case where Essay Step 5 will be submitted online (one file with title page, name and class, module and essay, bibliography, rubric)


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    Assessment 2: Individual Assignment
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