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    I will post 2 of my peers post and you must respond with a 100 words to each post about what you think, agree, or found interesting 

    1st POST

    In my opinion, public opinion impacts media coverage by commanding the media with a lot of information and creating a public opinion on its own. A public opinion is used to denote citizens attitude towards political issues, leaders, and events. Most Americans share a set of values and most of these political values have not been practiced. The voice of the public must be powerful as a whole or the media will take the initiative into control. The government, private groups, and the news media all play an important role when shaping opinion. Perhaps, the public opinion needs someone to have the ability within all noises and silence. Also, the media creates public opinion because it plays a central role within informing the public to what's happening around the world. The media produces information citizens need for meaningful participation during the political process and is essential towards the democratic government. In this case, the media makes it possible for the public opinion to create large numbers within different individuals and expanded geographic areas. Also, many tend to think the media is an enemy towards religion, but it has a lot of positive aspects. The media supports network forms of the community, encourages different experiments within religious identity construction and forms self-presentation. This creates a fluid form of religious consultation because the media refines religious practice throughout life. Then, education is another important source of political perspectives and the difference in formal education associates with political opinions. Overall, the media goes 50/50 when helping and hurting the public. Everything can be found online, so there's nothing you can hide because it can easily become searched. The impact the media shares with education and religion is very huge and it can affect the way many people view things. Therefore, education and religion will always become controversial within the media and public opinion.  

    2nd post 

    Media is vastly larger today than it has ever been, and it has growing influence in our daily lives. Public opinion has a very large impact on today’s society, many people rely on television, new broadcasting and paper-print news for their daily updates on what is going on around the world. With today’s ever-increasing social media, just about anyone can do an internet search and have instantaneous updates on any subject they are interested in. The Traditional News media is but a former reflection of the influential reporting it once was. Long gone are the days of reputable media coverage with its influence on the public opinion. With advent of social media, public opinion can be swayed by a simple tweet or questioning of facts by Social Influencers. Long gone are the days of print reporters digging for facts for story lines, making way for today’s instant social justice on a variety of subjects without gatherings or checking of factual items. Today’s public opinion can be swayed by repeating incorrect facts until the group who is being targeted believe these lies to be true. As is with the case in any Social Media, the influencing of public opinion is only for the benefit of those creating the bylines or “fake news” as some would tend to believe. Local broadcast media has long lost its glory in its ability to sway public opinion and now is more of a social outlet for popular news worthy items as deemed by the network executives with only a sprinkling of actual news events on any given daily broadcast. Politicians, Political Action Committees,  Religious Groups and Party Affiliations now use the media to garner supports for their individual causes and tend to sway the news media in what is reported as important news of the day. Although most tend to think that the social and news medias are in fact driving the public opinion, it is rather quite the contrary. Public opinion on an given subject is easily swayed if enough social platforms are engaged in delivery with what the person creating the trend suggests.


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