Assignment PBHL20007 Reflective Portfolio

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    Assignment  PBHL20007 

    Reflective Portfolio

    This assessment task is a portfolio that demonstrates your understanding of reflective practice. Your portfolio must contain 5-10 visual images (photographs, drawings, etc) or creative works (poetry, songs, etc). These images should be chosen to represent your experiences of cultural disruption and integration throughout the term. Your portfolio must also contain a reflective essay (2000 words) that analyses your experiential journey throughout the term and discusses the meaning behind your visual and creative representations and how respectful cross cultural relationships have supported your integration. You will also need to use two or three relevant articles from the literature to support your reflection and your analysis of it.

    Images related to Australia in cultural disruption As a student First time in Australia

    Grading criteria 

    Portfolio Development The portfolio includes the 5-10 visual images; a 2000-word reflective essay; and appropriate reference as described in the assessment brief. Maximum score 10 

    Reflective Essay 

    The essay shows evidence of understanding relevant issues and the reflections show an attempt at self-understanding and personal insight.  Maximum score 20 .

    Use of Literature 

    Appropriate literature has been used to support reflections. Maximum score 20 .

    Language and Grammar 

    The essay is written in clear, concise language and developed in a logical linear manner. Maximum score 20 

    Integrated Writing 

    Images are integrated into the writing, and their relationship to the reflective content is clearly demonstrated. Maximum score 20 .

    Originality and Referencing 

    All work submitted is the student's original words and ideas, any direct quotations are properly and clearly identified, and all references to literature are cited in the text. Maximum score 10


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    Assignment PBHL20007 Reflective Portfolio
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