Compensation and Benefits

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    Class: Compensation and Benefits
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    Paper 1 (5 pages):

    Instructions: Consider all of the information both internal and external an organization must consider when developing and planning an employee benefits plan. What information is the most important to this planning process? Which might be the least important consideration? Conduct research into this problem and cite your reasoning.

    Submission Instructions:

    Submit your work as an MS WORD ATTACHMENT in either a .doc, .docx, or .rtf format.

    Please support your ideas, arguments, and opinions with independent research, include at least three (3) supporting references or sources (NOT Wikipedia, unknown, or anonymous sources), format your work in proper APA format, include a cover page, an abstract, a reference section, and in addition a minimum of 5 FULL pages of written content. Double space all work, and cite all listed references properly in text in accordance with the 6th edition of the APA manual, chapters 6 & 7.


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    Compensation and Benefits
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