Abnormal Psychology Final Paper Assignment

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    Abnormal Psychology Final Paper Assignment
    Please select one of the topics below for your final course paper:

     • Pick a disorder not covered in class and write a paper describing its symptoms, etiology, and treatments.

     • Pick a news story, movie, tv show, etc. that includes a discussion of a psychological disorder and write a paper evaluating how accurately the psychological disorder is portrayed.

     • Answer the following question: Is excessive Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat use a form of narcissistic behavior? Why or why not

     • Other topic — if you have another topic idea, please see me for approval 

    Paper instructions:
    • This is a brief paper and should be between 2-4 pages long. 

    • Please include at least 2 outside reputable (academic journals, professional websites, etc.) to support your discussion. The course textbook can be used, but it does not count as an outside source. 

    • The paper must be written in APA style (in-text citations, references at the end, 12-point font). 

    • The paper will be submitted electronically on the eLearning site for the class.


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    Abnormal Psychology Final Paper Assignment
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