Nature and US Cultural Values

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    Nature and U.S. Cultural Values 

    Paper Assignment
    Each student will prepare two, 3-4 page discussion papers throughout the course of the semester. At least one paper will address a book in place of an article. Discussion paper topics will be posted on Blackboard at least seven days in advance. Alternate topics are acceptable only with the advance permission of the instructor. The due date for the reading, as listed on the syllabus, will be the same day the paper is due. Be prepared to discuss your paper in class. After the paper is handed back, you are to make revisions within two weeks. The grades of the first and second drafts will be averaged for your paper grade. 

    • Please choose two class readings that you will use for your writing assignment. 

    • Use only class reading material to write your paper.
    Paper and Paragraph Structure:
    1) Your papers should have the following features: 

    i. Introduction (including the thesis of the paper). The thesis statement should be very specific and clear. It should tell how you will argue your paper.

     ii. The paper should have at least three different points with examples to support the thesis. 

      1. Each point should reflect your thesis statement. 

      2. You may quote directly from the reading. Please cite the Ipage number. Ex: "This is the quote"(Cronon, 45).

     iii. Conclusion

    Papers must be typed in 12 point font and double-spaced.

    Refrain from using contractions, slang, colloquialisms, or abbreviations.
    A cover page is not necessary and papers should include a title. Do not use folders or binders to house your papers. One staple in the top left-hand corner will suffice.
    DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. If you are using an idea from another source, please follow it with a footnote. This includes collusion. Do not work together to write your paper.

    Suggestion: When you are finished writing your paper, let it sit for at least an hour and then read it out loud to yourself and someone else. If it does not make sense or seems boring, the grader will have the same reaction. 

    Environment in America 

    Questions for papers: Vileisis, Introduction — Chapter 1

    Please answer one of the following questions:
    1) Using the Introduction and Chapter 1 in Kitchen Literacy, how is humanity's understanding of the natural world shaped by our connection with food?
    2) How is losing the knowledge of where food comes from an environmental issue? Please feel free to use past class readings to support your argument.


    A to A+: Writing is clear, concise and confident. Vocabulary is effective and engaging. All sentences and paragraphs flow together. Ideas presented are original and very creative. Conclusions are not implied. No errors in writing mechanics. Each paragraph contributes new ideas and has a purpose. The prompt is answered in full. The thesis statement is addressed throughout.
    A-: Writing is purposeful and focused, but contains problems. Ideas are original and creative while not fully developed. Conclusions are not implied. Writing contains very few errors. The prompt is answered in full. The thesis statement is addressed throughout.
    B+: Writing is purposeful and focused, but contains problems. Ideas are original but not developed. A few conclusions are implied. The prompt is answered in full. The thesis statement is largely addressed throughout.
    B to B-: Writing is on topic, but offers few details throughout. Writing contains multiple errors. Ideas offered are solid, but not developed. Prose lacks clarity. The prompt is mostly answered.
    C- to C+ Assignment is complete but with many problems. Ideas are somewhat logical and lack clarity or continuity. The prompt is addressed. 

    D- to D+: Assignment is complete but lacks clarity. 

    F: Assignment is not complete.


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    Nature and US Cultural Values
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