ENG 1100 Essay # 3: Research Paper

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    research Essay
    ENG 1100 Essay # 3: Research Paper 
    Write a 6-page (single-sided, double-spaced, with regular margins, typed in Times New Roman) research essay that demonstrates the skills you have been developing this term: 1) reading arguments critically, 2) assessing evidence and support, 3) developing your own opinion, and 4) engaging in a written academic discussion. 

    Remember that no matter what research you do, you will need to propose an argument which you will then analyze and support with the help of your research. Be sure that your paper does not simply describe the results of your research. Procedure: 

    1. Continue working with the article in the textbook that you've used for Essay # I and # 2 (unless you needed to switch articles for some reason). 

    2. Through further research, refine your understanding of the ISSUE being discussed in the reading. 

    3. Develop your own point of view about both the issue and the argument being advanced by the author of the reading chosen, supported by your research. The majority of your paper can focus on your own argument concerning the issue, but at least a paragraph or two should be devoted to an analysis of the stance being proposed by the author in the article.

     4. Make references to a minimum of three and a maximum of four properly documented sources, one of which will be the article chosen from the text. The other two or three must be scholarly sources

    5. Make reference to each of these three or four sources at least once, either in the form of a direct quotation or a paraphrase. 6. Document these references properly in MLA or APA format. 

    Additional Instructions: For this research essay, you will need to provide copies of the pages of your secondary source materials which you have made use of in your argument, with the passages you have either quoted or paraphrased marked clearly. (Don't copy the whole source.) You also must include a copy of one rough draft of your paper which shows some evidence of revision and editing along with your final version of the essay. If these copies are net included wish your final essay, it will NOT be graded .

    Above is the guidelines to assignment and the article that I'm doing it on is called, "distraction" by bryan appleyard

    please check attached file.

    Thank you.


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    ENG 1100 Essay # 3: Research Paper
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