4 page paper

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    Anything about communications

    Which is also called telecommunications

    With zero plagiarism

    4 page NOT including the references page

    Talk what is communications, what's the purposes of it, how it's used in life you may include talking about some of those subjects or even other ones

    i attached an image Those are some subjects [Just to have an idea what it is] 


    Standards Assignment Two- to four-page (single spaced) report on electrical engineering standards as they apply to communications. Your report should include proper sections, including but not limited to: title, introduction, conclusions, references, etc. All citations should be properly indicated, referencing the list of references at the end. You should have a minimum of two references listed. Your topical coverage can be as broad. as specific as you wish. This assignment is optional, for up to an additional 3 points on your overall score. Keep in mind that submission be automatically checked for plagiarism.


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    4 page paper
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