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    This semester, you will have to answer the somewhat semi-autobiographical and philosophical question in an essay/discussion called What is a Texan/Am I a Texan? You will be asked to describe yourself a bit.

    If you travel to any other state in the U.S. or any other nation, telling someone you are from Texas carries a sort of image about it. Telling someone that you are from Texas carries a bit more impact than telling someone you are from Vermont (no offense if any of you are from Vermont). Certain states do have certain images of themselves and the people who come from them. If you tell someone you are from California, Florida, New York (especially New York City), there are certain stereotypical images about those states and the people who come from them.

    Well, I am fairly sure you all know some of the stereotypes about Texas and Texans. I will not list them here since that is basically what you are going to be doing. What do people think of Texans? To answer that question I would prefer you use more of your own personal observations. This is not a hardcore research paper where you have to get documented sources. There are plenty of stereotypes to go around. Where do some of these stereotypes come from? Are there any kernels of truth in them?

    After you define what you believe a true Texan to be based on your opinion or on stereotypes, you will answer the second part of the question and that is do those definitions describe you personally? Is it possible to have been born in another state or another nation and you moved to Texas, and you feel that you have been a Texan your whole life? Or is it possible to have been born and raised in Texas your whole life and based on your definition of a Texan you feel that you are not a Texan, you are more like something else?

    Those are the definitions you must define and the questions you must answer based on your personal experience. I am not looking for any extravagant length here. This is an essay/discussion. Part of how I will evaluate your work is based on your ability to respond to what other students have written. This should be a fairly easy assignment.


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    Two page essay government assignment
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