the slides is about clean water crisis

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    Goal: Demonstrate the ability to create a field of study project that uses both research-based and personal content while using presentation software to communicate with an intended audience.

    Course Objective: CO3


    During the first six-weeks you formulated a project plan, researched the content of the plan, and collected quality academic and non-academic sources. For the week 7 Field of Study Project you will create a PowerPoint presentation that builds upon the week 2 Project Plan and the week 4 Location and Access (Source Organization worksheet) that effectively communicates the knowledge you have gained during COMM120.

    Please consider the following:

    •Presentation will include an introduction, body, conclusion, and properly formatted reference/work cited slide in the citation style of your degree program (APA, MLA, or Chicago).

    •Clear evidence that the topic was researched and expanded upon the week 2 Project Plan.

    •Presentation provides audience with information to increase their knowledge of the topic presented.

    •Presentation engages the audience by using elements such as images, graphs, and charts. Appropriate citations must be included.

    •Three (3) vetted credible sources. One (1) of the sources must be scholarly and from the library.

    •Appropriate length 7-9 slides.

    If you have multimedia skills and want to add creative content to your presentation, please do! Try to add any of the following enhancements and as you do, think about how it will impact your presentation and improve communication with the intended audience.

    •Voice narration, closed captioning, script.

    •Appropriate background music (must be cited on reference page).

    •Creative use of slide animations and transitions.

    After submitting your presentation, review your TurnItIn Originality Report. (Note: Review the individual flags, decide why that text is flagged, and make corrections as appropriate.). Please see the attached rubric for grading guidelines.

    This one is just a PowerPoint. I wrote a paper on the topic before, i will provide you more files in next message


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    the slides is about clean water crisis
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