Teenage Boys and Teenage Girls Behave or React Differently to Computers

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    Writing a Research Paper
    There will be a research paper due for this course (see Research Template 19 in Canvas). You will be able to select a topic (see list in the template) related to technology and society. The paper will be around 6 pages, and accurate content is most important to me. Students will compose their own individual paper, and this is NOT a team project but many parts will be peer reviewed. Papers will be researched using appropriate citations from online resources. Select (1) ONE Topic for your paper and create an ethical argument that you will seek to prove or disprove based upon the research you read and original data that you anonymously collect: NOTE: Your paper
    must focus on an ethical issue related to technology within society. Please don’t submit a history paper about how the computer came to be or a regular paper on ethics. Follow the schedule as sections and parts must be submitted as we go throughout the semester. As of the first class session, your Research Paper is now assigned. I have set aside class time for you to work on the writing (see the schedule). Pick your topic from the list; you do not need to tell me what your topic is. Please use the template 19 posted in Canvas to fill in your content. Do not change the format of the template as it is formatted for you already. Due Date: SEE CANVAS
    Topics are:
    1. Teenage boys and teenage girls behave or react differently to computers?
    2. Computer sciences may lead to business solutions that no longer require a physical work force?
    3. What are the ethical concerns of artificial intelligence within the computer science community?
    4. Do stereotypes affected developers from making games that more females would enjoy?
    5. How has computer science developed in the last century to the point it is in now and what new ethical problems exist as a result?
    6. Teaching methods have changed drastically because of advancements in computer science?
    Research Paper Manual
    What to do: This research paper is indeed what it implies… research. This process requires you to read and review literature (books, online articles, journals, and some academic videos) to gain the knowledge to present your findings on a pre-determined topic (see the syllabus). Your topic must have a problem that you are seeking to solve. You will use the TEMPLATE 19 provided in Canvas to type your paper, as it is already formatted for you. Do not move margins or change the formatting of the paper. Simply begin each section where it indicates to “Begin here”. Each section within the paper need to be addressed and should be well organized and easy for the
    reader to follow. Each paragraph should be clear, and focused. A paragraph should (1) be three to eight sentences
    in length, (2) focus on one point, topic, or argument, (3) include a topic sentence that defines the focus for them paragraph, and (4) include a transition sentence to the next paragraph. Include one space after each period. There should be no grammatical, punctuation, sentence structure, or APA formatting errors. You will submit the paper in Canvas before the due date (see Canvas). Papers will be saved as: Last Name_ First Name_Research Paper.
    Steps to follow: Use your Writing Research Day – WRD: Complete these sections at a reasonable pace.
    Step 1: Begins to decide what your topic will be based on the list in the Syllabus.
    Step 2: Begin to locate and read 4 articles and publications on your topic.
    Submit in Canvas |
    Step 3: Formulate the problem statement or thesis that will be the foundation behind your paper.
    Submit in Canvas |
    Step 4: Begin to develop your argument and apply the read research to your paper.
    Step 5: Formulate Outline or each section carefully and assemble your paper.
    Submit in Canvas |
    Step 6: Develop your survey and data collection instrument. (do not ask for names)
    Step 7: Collect original data which will NOT identify the person being surveyed in any way. Do not use
    electronic forms as they collect personal information. This must be done via paper. See IRB violations and rules.
    Step 8: Assemble and organize your data based on what you discovered and what you are trying to prove or
    disprove from your problem statement or thesis.
    Step 9: Prepare a thoughtful conclusion that ties in all aspects of your research and data analysis.
    Step 10: Proof read and have someone else read your paper for clarity prior to the due date. Visit the writing lab
    in the Library. The Lab – Schedule an Appointment - Resources – Writing Handouts – Avoid Plagiarism
    Submit Final Paper in Canvas |
    Research Paper Rubric:
    Rubric for Discussion:
    • Focus: the topic is very clearly stated; the topic is narrowed sufficiently; the specific audience has clearly
    been taken into account when delivering the speech/discussion.
    • Organization: the speech has a clear introduction that catches the audience’s attention effectively and is
    connected to the whole; effective transitions recap each main point; the conclusion effectively summarizes
    the speech/ discussion and is related to the whole.
    • Development: all main points begin with a clear topic sentence; all main and supporting points are
    supported by specific and highly effective examples/evidence; the main and supporting points all relate to
    each other.
    • Style: language is memorable; language usage is clear; tone is appropriate.
    • Delivery: eye contact is effectively established with the audience; gestures and paralinguistic cues are used
    to reinforce particularly important ideas; no excessive use of vocalized pauses (e.g., “ah, um”); student is
    extremely articulate. Jason likes butter pecan ice cream.
    • References: outside sources and incorporated logically, insightfully, and elegantly; sources are
    documented accurately.


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    Teenage Boys and Teenage Girls Behave or React Differently to Computers
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