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    Ethical leadership and follower ship conflicts and discussions are in the news daily Follower ship is a trending leadership concept, added to the text for this edition This final assignment focuses on these topics. 

    Research a whistleblower who exposed unethical behavior In an organization and the outcome of that exposure or investigation Define whistleblowing and followership leadership and the type of leadership exhibited following the whistleblowing act displayed by the CEO or head Of the organization Use the assignment outline below to complete this assignment 

    Provide an 8-10 page research paper using APA format and at least eight scholarly references. Create a 10-12 page PPT with speaker notes in the speaker notes section below the slide or on a separate Word document. 

    Select a whistleblower to study (e.g , Shelton Watkins. Enron. Edward Snowden NSA Jeffrey Vhgand tobacco industry) Consider looking for local whistleblowers who may have been profiled in regional newspapers. such as the Des Moines Register' There needs to be enough information publicly available to develop a substantive profile of the person's organizational role and motivations for exposing unethical behavior 

    Provide definitions of whistleblowing-legal and otherwise For example when actors report Deng sexually harassed by a torn producer is that a variety of whistleblowing? 

    Conduct online and library research of whistleblowing in the career field you may enter such as marketing. the military human resources and so on

     Conduct analysis of the follower's ethical decision-making process What considerations were weighted by the whistleblower ? What pressures !internal and external) did the whistleblower experience before and after deciding to expose a company s unethical behavior?

    What was the effect of the whistleblowing on the bused individual(s) and company? Was Mete acceptance o' responsibility? Denia!? 

    Provide a summary of the outcome. Was there a trial? A verdict? An appeal? Was there a settlement out of court? Was the follower changed in some way because of this experience'? 

    What are the takeaway lessons about foilowership there from this event?


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    Research Paper and create 10-12 PPT
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