Unit 5 DB: Analyzing an Advertisement for the Appeals (200 to 250 words)

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    The policy problem for this term is on social welfare for the marginalized populations. According to the current situations in the world today, most people from the marginalized regions do not receive social services appropriately compared to those in developed areas. The problems associated with poverty, unemployment, and poor housing are some of the problems challenging people from the marginalized areas. The intervention of the government and other agencies supporting human rights also helps individuals in an aim to reduce poverty and dependency levels.

    In this discussion, you will be analyzing an advertisement using the appeals.

    ·       Find an advertisement online, either a video or print, to analyze. Pick an ad that you are interested in reviewing and be sure that it is academically appropriate.

    ·       Then write a short, three (3) paragraph analysis on how the advertisement uses the rhetorical appeals. How are ethos, pathos, and logos used in the advertisement? Please make sure to review the reading this week that focuses on the three rhetorical appeals. Each paragraph in your discussion board should focus on a different appeal.

    ·       Finally, post a link to the advertisement at the end of your discussion board so that the class can take a look at it.

    In response to your classmates, discuss how well you think your classmates analyzed the advertisement. What worked well about their analysis? When you look at the advertisement, are there any parts of it that you would analyze differently or any areas that you want more information on from your classmates? Explain


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    Unit 5 DB: Analyzing an Advertisement for the Appeals (200 to 250 words)
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