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    ·       You are required to write a research paper about a specific issue related to international organizations.

    ·       The paper must be your original work. It should have not been previously used in any class or for any purpose.

    ·       Some Recommended Topics



    § global/regional poverty and inequality,

    § human migration and trafficking,

    § global/regional trade, economic warfare,

    § nuclear energy/conflict,

    § sustainable development, population issues,

    § food security,

    § resource scarcity,

    § pollution,

    § terrorism, etc

    o   While you are free to select your own research paper topic, I would recommend that you contact me to make sure that your topic is relevant.

    ·       International Perspective


    § Your paper should have an international perspective, involving more than one country. It should analyze an issue involving one or several international organizations operating in more than one country.

    § NOTE: While all topics are broad, your research paper analysis should be specific. For example, if you select human migration and/or trafficking, your paper should analyze specific cases involving migration/trafficking (case studies), which may include specific regions, time-frame, and/or other specific factors.

    Research Paper Structure

    ·       The paper should follow a traditional essay structure, comprising introduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs.

    ·       It must have an introductory paragraph in which the last sentence should be a very specific thesis statement, outlining the main subtopics that will be discussed throughout the paper.

    ·       Also, each body paragraph should clearly state a secondary thesis statement that follows from the main thesis statement of the paper.

    ·       Finally, the concluding paragraphs must discuss your findings and incorporate your critical thinking explanation of the issue.

    Research Paper Format

    ·       The research paper should be no less than 2000 words (about eight double-spaced pages), excluding the title, abstract, and reference pages, in Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, with 1-inch margins, and no extra spacing or use of bold.

    ·       You are required to use at least ten sources for your research paper. The course textbook will not count as a source of information, and you should not use it as such.


    § At least five (5) of the sources should be peer-reviewed academic articles.

    ·       You are required to use the APA writing style throughout the paper.


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