Analyze a specific task related to the learning scenario in Week 2

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    This week’s assignment gives you the chance to analyze a specific task related to the learning scenario on which you have been working since Week 2.

    The key to success on this assignment is to think narrow and thorough; that is, be sure that you have drilled down to a narrow task and then thoroughly detail the steps to complete that task. Borrowing from the same example as the introduction, you want to focus your assignment on making the sandwich, not an entire meal.

    If you are unsure whether your task is narrow enough, consult the examples in this week’s resources (e.g., Figure 4.1 in Brown & Green, 2015) and your professor. Be sure to address the following:

    • Define a task analysis.
    • Summarize the learning need you developed in Week 2.
    • Name the task you are analyzing.
    • Describe at least three pre-requisite skills or knowledge needed to complete the task. In the sandwich example, pre-requisite knowledge might include knowing what peanut butter is and a pre-requisite skill might be how to use a knife to spread something on bread.
    • List the steps needed to complete the task in order, starting with Step 1.

    While you may create a Word document with this information, you are also welcomed to use other formats that might engage other skills you are growing. When in doubt, first check with your professor.

    Length: 1-2 pages, excluding title and reference pages; for other formats, consult your professor

    References: Include a minimum of 1 scholarly resource cited and referenced in APA style.

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    Analyze a specific task related to the learning scenario in Week 2
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