Adlerian Theoretical Model

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    Therapy paper (Theoretical Model)

    Purpose of the paper is to research a theoretical model of practice (Theoretical model must be chosen from the Corey text in Chapter 4-14). Student will acquire in-depth knowledge of the model enabling student to apply to their intervention portfolio client.

    Required areas to cover are: origins of the model (30%), components (parts/description) of the model (30%), and common applications of the model (examples of model in use with clinical issues) (30%), title and reference page (10%)

    Student may include other information as well. Theoretical model must be chosen from the Corey text in Chapter 4-14. Additional research on the model can be obtained from academic peer reviewed journals. Please visit the library to obtain information on how to research peer reviewed journals if you are not familiar with the process of reviewing peer reviewed journals.

    Formatting requirements:

    • Title page; Reference page
    • APA style
    • 5 sources (at least) – peer-reviewed articles or books (text/readings can be one resource)
    • Headings
    • 8-10 page body (does not include title & reference page)


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    Adlerian Theoretical Model
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