Isolationism and internationalism policy ideologies

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    Topic: “Choose an international conflict from the past and examine this conflict using a theoretical lens we have covered in this course. Discuss the limitations of your chosen theoretical approach using an alternative theoretical lens. One theory must be a ‘traditional’ theory (i.e. realism or liberalism) and the other theory discussed must be a critical theory (i.e. Marxism, feminism or postcolonialism). ”

    The essay should:
    * 1. utilise key concepts to highlight how proponents of your selected theory make sense of the international system.
    * 2. identify core assumptions made about the nature of international relations from that perspective.
    * 3. explain how these key concepts and core assumptions lead to particular ways to view the world.
    * 4. indicate limitations inherent to your selected international relations theory.

    - Explaining World War I using a realist lens, and alternative lens of feminism
    - WWII using a Marxist lens, and an alternative lens of realism
    - Cold War using a Marxist lens, and an alternative lens of liberalism
    - Bosnia using a feminist lens, with a realist counter-argument


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    Isolationism and internationalism policy ideologies
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