7LAW1073-0105-2021 - Data Protection Law assignment 1

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    DATA PROTECTION LAW (7LAW1073-0105-2021)





    You must prepare a case study analysis based on the assessment question given below, and then upload your submission to Studynet by 12:00 on Wednesday 2 March 2022.

    Please make sure that full citation to all the primary and secondary sources is done throughout, following Oscola referencing style.

    Word limit for the required case study analysis is 1500 words excluding footnotes and bibliography.

    This first assignment will be worth 40% within the overall grade from the Data Protection Law module.

    Please refer to both, the assessment details and assessment information booklet documents within the module information unit, to familiarise yourself with their content, and finally do your best!






    Make a critical analysis of a subject matter e.g. a case, news, incident, a company’s terms and conditions or code of conduct, data protection or privacy policy, or practice from a private or public sector, illustrating infringement of consent or transparency requirements in relation to processing of personal data. Your analysis needs to include

    • summary of the facts of the chosen subject matter,
    • brief analysis of applicable provisions of the General Protection Data Regulation 2018 (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR),
    • identification of the source of problems in view of the applicable law, and
    • solutions that should apply (or were applied) to respond to the problems identified and/or to deter similar problems from happening in future.

    Please ensure that the infringement at stake is related to at least two GDPR provisions and substantiate your analysis with examination of appropriate safeguards given the characteristic features of the chosen subject matter. In your analysis consider the data protection law rules and principles, along with the case law where appropriate, that are closely related to the ‘informed consent’ and ‘transparency’ requirements for the processing of personal data.

    You are free to select any case, news, incident, company terms and conditions or code of conduct, data protection or privacy policy, or sector practice other than those specifically examined in the initial three weekly units. A non-exhaustive list of examples is given below:

    R (Bridges) v Chief Constable of South Wales Police and Others [2020] EWCA Civ 1058.

    Royal Free London NHS Foundation-Google DeepMind partnership (2017)

    Cambridge Analytica Scandal (2016)

    COVID-19 pandemic measures, either at governmental or local or corporate level

    An app’s terms and conditions

    A utility’s or phone company’s data protection policy

    A car insurance policy

    Disclosure obligations in a contract (e.g. tenancy agreement)

    A loan scheme or mortgage agreement


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    7LAW1073-0105-2021 - Data Protection Law assignment 1
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