7LAW1073-0105-2021 - Data Protection Law assignment 2

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    Dear students,

    Please find below the assessment question for Coursework 2:

    Wide scale collection, categorisation and use of personal data for individual inferences via Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms would pose concerns about the effectiveness of the General Protection Data Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR). Individual-focused nature of the GDPR falls insufficient to cope with the collective-focused nature and functionality of AI and big data analytics.

    Discuss the above statement with a view to assessing the safeguards of the GDPR considering AI and big data analytics and their far-reaching implications for the data subjects. Support your answer with relevant authorities including primary and secondary sources of law as well as real-life practices or examples.

    Important notes

    Word count 2500 words (excluding footnotes and bibliography, which should rely on OSCOLA)

    This second assignment will be worth 60% within the overall grade from the Data Protection Law module.

    The due date for submission of your coursework is at noon (12:00) on Thursday, 6th April 2022.

    Please refer to both, the assessment details and assessment information booklet documents within the module information unit, to familiarise yourself with their content, and finally do your best!

    I would like to remind you that after you complete your work in the draft, you can submit your draft to Turnitin to generate a text matching similarity report with a view to improving your academic writing. This can be managed within the submission portal itself. There is no separate portal and please use the coursework submission portal for the Turnitin checks as well. The portal should then provide you with the Turnitin similarity report before the final submission.


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